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I’m a woman that’s been using this site for over a year.

This is for the men:

The reason why women don’t respond is because you’re either a bore, unattractive, have bad pics, *** pics or you have the personality of a rock.

Women cannot buy credits or message you if you have no credits.

If you cannot afford to buy credits to message women then you are too broke for a hotel room. Who is willing to ruin their reputation and marriage getting caught having sex in public places? Im not.

For the women:

Go there if you must.

There are a lot of broke bums there who will just make requests to see your pics. Ignore them. Most of the men there are douchy, short, cheap and rude. It’s mostly low quality. You will have to adjust your standards, but even I can’t go that low.

And please don’t make your Kik profile name the same as your name on the site. These creeps will find you and send you unwanted messages. Ditto for social media. Don’t use any pics you have ever put on social media. You can be found and your identity revealed.

Pretty soon I imagine all the real women will be gone and these fools will just be looking and chatting at cam girls, *** and scammers. Then come here complaining about how they got scammed, no real women blah blah blah.

I’ve given up on this site and moving on to somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Madison Online Dating.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Another uppity woma. No wonder I can’t have any fun on the site


Sick disgusting website for people who should’ve never gotten married in the first place , and who abuse what the sacred meaning of marriage truly is. I hope none of you people have children , because now you’re ruining another life instead of only one.


Everybody cheats Get off your hi horse