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90% of the female profiles seem to be fake. These profiles are often run by foreigners and it is so obvious as they can barely type in English and do t know a thing about the local regions.

So disappointed with AM. Some profiles will message you a few times then say hey email me. Afterwards they try to lead you to a whole different site.

Scam 101 is when someone says hey I need you to go to this other site so I I know you are safe. Others just message you back and forth the the whole profile disappears without a trace.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Madison Profile.

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ashleymadison is 100% scam: - No actual messages every come from anyone, just from AM itself: "he or she has expressed interest, take the first step and reach out". All fake - People seems to be online 24x7, impossible, these are bots.

- Profiles come and go, faster than is realistic. Stay away from AM, this company has no ethics.


It is one of the most dishonest sites on the web. They send you fake emails from Fembots created by the ocmpany to get you to buy credits and when you respond, they do not.

All fake. They also overcharge you 100-200% on credits and do not answer emails to explain. They need to be shut down, how they avoided it after the admitted from of 2015 amazes me and in my opinion they are worse now. I live in a small town and they claimed to have 68 women in that town alone.

I winked at all to see what reply I would get. I got no response. I did receive all kinds from people hundreds of miles away.

All fake

I did a search for woman over 90 years and found 18 just in my area and most of their profiles said they were looking for kinky........can you imagine.,. All Fake