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I used AM for a few years and had success meeting some very real ladies.With that said, there are definitely fakes and shills present among the female ad which are out numbered five or ten to one by men on the site.

Some of the women ads are clearly fake and others show as being ONLINE pretty much 24/7 which is logistically impossible especially given the details in their profile. Women get to use the site for free and men pay. If a man tries to use the "free" wink feature (vs, paying to send a full email) the man will inevitably get back a "canned" message from the woman telling him to please send a full (read: PAID) message if he wants her to respond so the wink feature is pretty much a sham. BIGGEST COMPLAINT :a block of credits is $79 which allows a man to make 15 contact emails (half that number if you are not careful to uncheck the automatically checked priority receipt box that is cleverly hidden and doubles the cost of sending an email).

The online chat feature is uber expensive and I've had women invite me to chat who clearly are neither geographically proximate to me nor do they meet my criteria for age or other qualifications. The REAL SCAM is when you use up your pre- purchased credits they have a well disguised automatic replenishment of those credits at a cost of $79. In spite of my being very, very careful to avoid granting them that authorization, they still managed to charge me without my permission claiming I had authorized it. When I disputed the charge with my credit card, Ashley Madison was very rude and even threatened that the only way they could resolve the issue with my credit card company was to release my photos and profile information to them.

(See attached image copy of their email) It is very clear what that tactic is -- it's called EXTORTION! Naturally, they rely on the fact that most of the men on there are married and will not risk exposing themselves by protesting charges or engaging in a dispute with them. Well...All that it's going to take is one opportunistic investigative reporter (and I know one) to pose as a married man when they actually are not and hang these devious suckers out to dry.

Note to ASHLEY - two sides can play the devious deception game.You will get yours, and I hope you have to spend all your ill-begotten money on legal fees defending yourself!

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Hey if you want to cheat on your partner, it is your lost.

Live with it.

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